• Interpreters: Zuzana Čermáková, Karla Gondeková, Tereza Poláková, Juliána Sedláková
  • No. of glyphs: 164
  • Intended use: Small text size, Bible
  • Original typeface: Biblické písmo (Karel Dyrynk, 1933)

Bychle typeface is a contemporary interpretation of  the Bible typeface designed by Karel Dyrynk in 1933. Dyrynk was an important Czech typographer and co-founder of the Czech bibliophile association. Bible typeface was created because of the interest in book production revival. It is a typeface design for long text setting in small size, such as the Bible.

In contrast to the original drawing, Bychle undercame many changes to get the typeface more contemporary look however. Bychle stands out with a swift, calligraphically drawn letter shapes, a tilted shading axis, and a darker text-color.

This wider typeface comes with apropriately designed diacritical marks and more pronounced gradient. The typeface keeps its great legibility. Missing letters and characters were added and generally adapted to the spirit of the typeface. At the same time, uppercase and lowercase letters were drawn to better fit together. Bychle continues to fulfill the purpose of the text-size typeface for a smaller setting, but because of its interesting letter shapes it can also be used as a display one.