The Interpretype² project is a result of the 2017 summer semester final works in Graphic Design I studio at FAD JEPU in Ústí nad Labem. The task was to interpret a Czechoslovak letterpress typeface (or commonly used by Czechoslovak print houses) from the pre-war era (i.e. until 1945). Interpretation could be carried out in a wide range of approaches from historically accurate digitization to the creation of an unique design only loosely inspired by the original letterpress typeface.

On the Association of Applied Graphics and Graphic Design website you can find the results of a similar project that the students were working on in the summer semester 2013.

Mentors: Prof. Karel Míšek, Jan Hora, Dr. Jiří Toman & Jakub Konupka.

The project’s website was designed and coded by: Jiří Toman / Sudetype.